Damon Salvatore vs. Christian Ozera: Which Vampire Bad Boy Is Hotter?
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Damon Salvatore vs. Christian Ozera: Which Vampire Bad Boy Is Hotter?

When it comes to broody vampires, look no further than Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder). Broody and snarky, the Vampire Diaries hottie likes to handle his emotional issues by doing reckless things. Sometimes those things are bloody (very, very bloody). Other times they end up with him naked in a shower after a wild bourbon bender. But Damon is always willing to strap on his hero hair when his friends need him.

Then there’s Vampire Academy’s Christian Ozera (Dominic Sherwood), the dashingly handsome yet poorly misunderstood outcast of St. Vladimir's Academy. The teenage Moroi also has a penchant for brooding — wouldn’t you if your parents willingly turned Strigoi? — but he deals with emotional issues by hiding out and reading. Sure, he may lack Damon’s wild side, but Christian, like Damon, knows what it’s like to be feared for no reason.

The two broody vampire hotties also have very similar appearances — messy black hair, pale icy blue eyes, and a fondness for black clothing. And they both were saved (from themselves) by beautiful women. We all know what a mess Damon would be without Elena. And Christian needed Lissa to help him out of his self-pitying funk.

So which blood-sucking bad boy is hottie — Damon Salvatore or Christian Ozera? Sound off using the reaction buttons below!

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