Dan Stevens Would be “Up For” a Downton Abbey Movie
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Downton Abbey

Dan Stevens Would be “Up For” a Downton Abbey Movie

Downton fans rejoice! Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley) says he’s willing to return to the widely popular BBC show in a feature film. “I think we could start afresh if we hit the big screen and I would be up for that,” he reportedly told Metro.

As Matthew, Dan won over the world and Lady Mary Crawley’s (Michelle Dockery) heart before his character met a tragic end in last season’s Christmas special. The abrupt (and bloody) exit left fans pulling their hair out and pointing fingers at show creator Julian Fellowes.

“Dan would not stay. He was determined to go. Everyone liked him and thought he was fantastic,” Julian said in the wake of the dramatic twist. The car crash that killed Matthew just after the birth of his and Mary’s first son was the only plausible exit for the star, Julian added.

The topic still seems to be a sore one for Julian, who said he tried to get Dan to stick around for at least one more episode so “we could give Matthew and Mary a happy ending.” But the English stud just couldn’t be stopped. “He wanted to go off to America,” Julian said. “And now I believe he has a three-movie deal. He’s doing very well.” Do we detect a hint of bitterness?

Dan has done well since leaping the Pond, starring on Broadway and gracing the silver screen in three upcoming movies. Fingers crossed that Hollywood experience will lend itself to a new film starring all of our Downton favs. Just imagine a 20-foot tall Dan Stevens! Or the zingers Lady Dowager Countess Grantham (Maggie Smith) could get away with in a theater!

And unless the BBC decides to put a zombie spin on the period classic à la Pride And Prejudice And Zombies, we might just go back to the good ole days of proposals in the snow, a living Lady Sybil, and actual happiness at Downton.

Source: Metro via WeWomen