Is Dan Stevens Watching Downton Abbey Season 4? He Says…
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Downton Abbey

Is Dan Stevens Watching Downton Abbey Season 4? He Says…

Downton Abbey Season 4 is officially underway in the United States after just wrapping in the U.K. and somehow life went on despite the absence of Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens). Don’t get us wrong. Those final scenes of Season 3’s Christmas episode showing Matthew bloody and bruised in a ditch continue to haunt us (okay, so maybe not “haunt” but they’re definitely not pleasant to think about).

Thankfully, however, the actor who played our favorite English muffin is still walking around all alive and beautiful. He’s just in Brooklyn now.

With Season 4 now officially arrived in America, we’re wondering: Is Dan Stevens watching Downton Abbey?

Back in September, right before the series began in Dan’s homeland, he told Vulture he would be, but not until the new year.

“I have to wait until January like everybody else, and watch it on PBS, because I live in America now,” he said (as if we needed reminding). “I guess I’ll be watching it in sort of two ways: both watching my friends on the set that I know very well, but also just continuing the story of Downton and watching it as a fan. It will be fun.”

Did Danny boy live up to his promise? He says yes. On a January 9 stop by The Today Show to promote his new film, Summer in February, he said he had watched the January 5 premiere of the show.

“It was really wonderful to see everyone again,” he said. “It was very emotional, very weird to see it, you know, watching people dealing with my own death. It was strange.”

Dan was one of more than 10 million viewers who tuned in to see a Matthew-less Downton. So with the show’s more popular now than ever, does Dan regret his decision to leave? Um, not so much.

“It was a tough decision but like many tough decisions, it was kind of exciting to make at the same time,” he said on Today.

Good for you, Dan! Now, excuse us, we have spoilers to review.

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