Danai Gurira Talks Michonne’s “Specific PTSD”: Will We Ever Know What Caused It?
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Danai Gurira Talks Michonne’s “Specific PTSD”: Will We Ever Know What Caused It?

When we first met Michonne (Danai Gurira) on Season 3 of The Walking Dead, the fierce survivor was withdrawn, harsh, and unwilling to interact with others. But now that she’s found a place within Team Prison, she’s softened a bit. Not to the point of recklessness, but she has clearly been able to form relationships again, even developing a special closeness with Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs).

On last week’s episode, “Indifference” she even admitted that she was done searching for The Governor (David Morrissey), her sworn enemy responsible for Andrea’s death. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Danai likens Michonne’s gradual tendency to trust others to “peeling back the onion.” Danai also notes that the guardedness viewers saw in Season 3 was the result of “her specific PTSD.”

We saw a hint of that PTSD earlier this season when Michonne broke down after she was forced to hold Baby Judith, leading many to speculate that whatever trauma Michonne suffered was likely related to the loss of her own child. Though viewers know very little about Michonne’s pain at this point, Danai promises she knows the details of her character’s backstory “very well.”

“How could I play out any hint of [her backstory] if I don’t know what it is?” the actress says with a laugh. “You’re meant to be in the dark. But it is fun to play it out, to crack it open a little bit here and there. All the stuff that happened to her is something that we deeply hashed out. We know when and how and if it will be exposed to the audience.”

Many TWD cast and crew members have said that Season 4 is one of detailed character exploration, so can we expect to learn more about mysterious Michonne this season, or will we have to wait even longer? After all, the hit show was renewed for Season 5 just last month.

“You know we’ll have to see,” Danai dished regarding the timeline for the reveal of Michonne’s backstory. But like many of her co-workers, Danai confirmed that Season 4 is all about character. “The thing I love about this season is how fantastically it does connect really powerful moments of action with powerful moments of just character study,” she concluded.

It sounds to us like we’ll be learning more about Michonne sooner rather than later. What do you think caused her PTSD? Share your thoughts and theories below!

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Source: The Daily Beast

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