Dancing With the Stars Live Recap: Season 17, Week 2 — Latin Fever!
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Live Recap: Season 17, Week 2 — Latin Fever!

It's time for the first elimination of Dancing With the Stars Season 17, and it's going to be a nailbiter!

After only one week, it's going to be hard to see someone hang up their dancing shoes, but the show must go on. Tune in with us for our Dancing With the Stars Season 17, Week 2 live recap, starting at 8 p.m. ET sharp! Given Dancing With the Stars 2013's premiere (remember when Emmy winner Derek Hough and his celeb partner Amber Riley got straight 9s in Week 1?!), we bet these Week 2 performances are going to be packed with even more memorable moments — or will some contestants buckle under the pressure?

Dancing With the Stars 2013 hopefuls include Glee starlet Amber Riley, whose dazzling Cha-Cha earned her a spot atop the Leader Board, former Disney star Corbin Bleu, who promises a High School Musical-themed Latin number this week, and Jersey Shore fist-pumper, Snooki, who silenced her haters with an incredible Cha-Cha in Week 1. When it comes to sizing up the competition, many of Season 17's celebs have had some sort of dance training — but that's not all that counts on DWTS!

Bill Nye may not have impressed the judges with his poorly executed Cha-Cha, but he did have plenty of fans in the ballroom to cheer him on. Will he get the votes he needs to stay in the competition? Also on our radar? Heartthrob Brant Daugherty! Not only is his partnership with Peta perfect showmance material, but his pretty little (famous) friends — and former Pretty Little Liars co-stars — Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, and Sasha Pieterse will be rooting him on in the ballroom this week.

And then there's Valerie Harper, who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in January. Now, not only is the former Broadway dancer competing with fan favorite pro Tristan MacManus, but her charisma and joy for life filled the ballroom last week, bring judge Carrie Ann Inaba to tears. Will she'll be able to do it again when the choreography gets a little more challenging?

OK DWTS fans, now that you know what to expect, join in on the fun below as Wetpaint Entertainment gets ready to live recap Latin Night! And since we know you have a lot of feelings (we do too!), tell us what you think of the episode in the comments!

We’ll try our best to answer all of your questions, comments and concerns. Keep refreshing for more!

8:00 — Oh, hey Emmy winner Derek Hough!

8:01 — Bill Nye looks like he's aged 10 years since joining the cast.

8:02 — Why is Witney still in the troupe? She needs to be a pro already! She'd be perfect for Latin night.

8:03 — "Stop looking at my boobs." Val > Maks.

8:04 — It feels like Elizabeth is playing catch-up during this Samba? That being said, there's a lot of room for growth and potential. She could be the next Kellie Pickler in a few weeks!

8:05 — #thrustit

8:06 — Len liked it. He's already dubbed her "Queen Elizabeth."

8:07 — The best part of this new format? Getting rid of the celebriquarium and sitting the celebs next to the judges (in what Tom calls "the glitter pit").

8:07 — 8-9-8 for Val and Elizabeth! We think Len overscored this one — a 9 for that Samba? Really?!

8:12 — What is Christina Milian wearing? Did she borrow something out of Christina Aguilera's closet?

8:14 — Lady Gaga's "Applause" — Oy vey. As if a Paso Doble in Week 2 wasn't tough enough. (At least it's the studio version.)

8:15 — Mary Murphy would not be happy with this Paso Doble. Is this like the ballroom version of Game of Thrones?

8:15 — I liked the attitude, but the technique needs to be tighter.

8:16 — OK, these judges need to stop praising everyone. Do they think this is going to boost the ratings?

8:17 — 9-8-8 for Mark and Christina! It's official: I give up.

8:22 — Bill Engvall is kind of adorable, no? Is that creepy? What is this season doing to me?

8:23 — I like that Emma plays dirty. I can appreciate that.

8:25 — OK, this is a messy Jive, but it's fun — and Bill is oddly charming.

8:25 — Bill and Emma are the "ballroom version of Bonnie and Clyde." I like it.

8:26 — "That was the most entertaining performance this season." — Carrie Ann Inaba

8:26 — Len has really lost his edge this season. Where is the snark?!

8:27 — 7-7-7 for Bill and Emma! Now, that's an acceptable Week 2 score.

8:28 — Started from the bottom, now you're here, Jack Osbourne.

8:29 — Side note: Cheryl looks amazing this season.

8:29 — "I feel like I'm making a porno." Yep. That's a Rumba.

8:30 — Cheryl is a brilliant choreographer. Not only did she boost his confidence, but she also choreographed a decent Rumba for someone who is still uncomfortable in his own skin.

8:32 — Carrie Ann Inaba tells Jack "he's from another time — a Game of Thrones time." We think it's because he's British.

8:33 — 8-8-8 for Jack and Cheryl!

8:37 — Not sure Keyshawn and Sharna are the most charismatic couple. Sharna remains flawless, but they just don't fit together.

8:39 — That Rumba made me sad — very, very sad.

8:41 — "You have to learn to count music."

8:42 — At least he's having fun, right?

8:43 — 6-6-6 for Keyshawn and Sharna. I feel like these two might be going home tonight.

8:47 — Snooki (Nicole?) is kind of adorable — and tiny. Did we mention she's really tiny?

8:48 — "I'm going to get pregnant with these moves."

8:50 — Her toes are so on point, but there's not a lot of movement going on with this Rumba.

8:51 — "But I did the face!"

8:51 — Carrie Ann says she's got the face down right, but there wasn't a lot of fluidity. We agree. There was very little dancing. Also, Carrie Ann calls Sasha out on the lifts. First technical critique of the season!

8:53 — 6-7-7 for Sasha and Snooki. The lift cost them a point.

8:58 — Tony is the best partner. He's so patient.

9:00 — It's a slow, but steady, Samba. Bruno is clearly a fan of Lea's performance.

9:01 — "That was terrific!" Go home, Len. You're drunk.

9:01 — Carrie Ann says Lea "unleashed her Samba goddess." Yeah, OK.

9:01 — 8-8-8 for Tony and Lea — "and a standing o from the glitter pit!"

9:02 — Everybody loves Bill Nye.

9:04 — I can't deal with this Paso Doble, but I can't take my eyes away from it either.

9:06 — More chanting in the ballroom.

9:07 — "A weird masterpiece of insanity."

9:08 — Len is apologizing for his criticism last week. Where's your backbone, Len?!

9:08 — 6-5-6 for Bill Nye and Tyne.

9:13 — Julianne Hough! Julianne, please come back. OH WAIT. JULIANNE IS GUEST JUDGING THIS SEASON!

9:15 — Who says you can't go home again? Wildcats, where ya at?!

9:17 — I love this Jive more than I have ever loved anything this season. One Direction plus High School Musical equals my heart.

9:18 — "I was back in that character, man."

9:20 — "WHAT TEAM?! WILDCATS!" I think I may have just died.

9:20 — 9-8-9 for Corbin and Karina. I needed that performance to survive the next 40 minutes. Wildcats forever.

9:24 — "You can barely walk." "But I can dance!" I love Valerie Harper. She's so fierce.

9:26 — Tristan is crying, and I'm crying, and now, everyone is crying.

9:27 — Len, Valerie Harper isn't nervous to do anything.

9:28 — "I can't believe that you actually did what you did."

9:29 — Tristan and Valerie for all of the awards.

9:30 — 6-6-7 for Tristan and Valerie! "They're the judges! That's fair!" Valerie is just the best.

9:34 – Peta, what is up with your hair?

9:35 — Noel Kahn is dancing the Rumba, and it is perfect. (Well, not really, but he's so pretty.)

9:36 — Brant and Peta have such a showmance going on right now.

9:37 — Bruno: "Brant, you should be shirtless" Brant: "It's only Week 2!"

9:38 — "Your feet are pigeon-toed!" Ashley Benson is not impressed with this remark, Len.

9:38 — 8-7-8 for Brant and Peta!

9:39 — I would watch a reality show about Amber and Derek. They are hilarious.

9:39 — "There's so much face in the boobs this evening." — A literally sentence that just came out of my mouth.

9:41 — Carrie Ann says Amber is "a little flat footed." Finally! Some criticism for the golden couple.

9:42 — #BoobConcussion

9:46 — 8-8-8 for Derek and Amber! Not as stellar as last week, but still impressive for Week 2.

9:50 — So the bottom three are: Elizabeth & Val, Bill Engvall & Emma, and Keyshawn & Sharna.

9:56 — Elizabeth and Val are safe!

9:57 — And the first contestant to hang up his dancing shoes is... KEYSHAWN JOHNSON! We're going to miss you, Sharna.

What did you think, DWTS fans? Did the right contestant go home? Sound off in the comments!

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