Andi Dorfman Will NOT Appear on Dancing With the Stars Season 19
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Andi Dorfman

Andi Dorfman Will NOT Appear on Dancing With the Stars Season 19

UPDATE (9/4/14):

Sorry guys, but it's official: Neither Andi Dorfman nor her hunky betrothed Josh Murray will be on this nineteenth season of Dancing With the Stars. Our theory was confirmed this morning when ABC announced the official lineup for this fall and nary an Atlanta attorney was in sight. Who was? You can click on over here to get the full list, but let's just say you won't be disappointed by the inclusion of one Fresh Prince of Bel Air favorite and a recently departed Pretty Little Liars cast member.

While we'd normally be disappointed to not see MurrDorf being all adorable on our screens again each week, we're sort of a little relieved. Andi has proven herself to be sort of an embarrassingly dismal dancer — still love ya, girl! — and no amount of time with Derek Hough was going to help that. Plus, seeing as how happy the Bachelorette and her former baseball pro hubby have appeared in Atlanta in recent weeks, it's probably best they stay put in their home turf and enjoy the honeymoon period!

Original story (9/2/14):

Hold your horses, folks. We know there’s been a lot of buzz around the cast of the nineteenth season of Dancing With the Stars, but from what we’re hearing, our girl Andi Dorfman won’t be part of it. Despite what sources like TMZ have been reporting in the days leading up the official cast announcement, Reality Steve is now coming out and insisting that the most recent Bachelorette doesn’t have salsa and sequins in her near future.

We’ve been pretty skeptical about the whole thing for a while now, considering that 1) Andi’s never been secretive about her left footedness, and 2) right after
The Bachelorette ended in late July, she dispelled any of those claims. In fact, Josh Murray’s fiancé seemed to have her eyes set on a return to her former career as an assistant district attorney.

But the gossip just wouldn’t die, so Reality Steve took to his recent blog to put an end to all that talk. “Whether Andi was offered or not, I don’t know,” the spoiler king writes. “But as I’ve said for months, she’s not gonna be on DWTS … She’s not on next season everyone. Just making that clear.”

Well, that sounds pretty definitive. Plus, some other sources have seemed to clue in to this casting update, as a recent rumored list notably excludes the Dorf’s name. Though there’s still time for a change, we’re expecting the worst on this one — though it’s not really that bad of a thing, right? Josh and Andi deserve a relaxing honeymoon period, and we all know Andi is sort of a lost cause on the dance floor (we still love ya, girl!).

Are you still hoping Andi will be on the cast or are you happy she’s staying out of the Hollywood scene? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Reality Steve