Dancing With the Stars Wants to Cast Someone From The Walking Dead?
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The Walking Dead

Dancing With the Stars Wants to Cast Someone From The Walking Dead?

Who’s ready for Dancing With the Dead?

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television, especially with the 18-49 demographic. Dancing With the Stars is regularly the most-watched TV show on Monday nights, but it’s been losing some of its younger viewers to competitors like The Voice. So it’s no surprise to hear DWTS would be happy to tap into the Dead fan base for a future season.

DWTS just finished the spring Season 18, but Season 19 is coming up in the fall, and it should premiere about a month before The Walking Dead Season 5 starts in October on AMC.

Vincent M. Ward, who played Oscar on TWD Season 3 — and starred in a ton of other TV shows, including True Blood, The Starter Wife and Wilfred — recently talked to Enrique's The Walking Dead Live Podcast, and they discussed his past as a dancer. He said his first career love wasn't acting, he was drawn to basketball and dancing. The 6’4” actor got his start dancing in a rap group that was on the same record label as Vanilla Ice. He said he and his buddy won every dance competition in the Midwest.

Dancing With the Stars Wants to Cast Someone From The Walking Dead?
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On that note, the podcast asked if they could look forward to seeing Vincent on DWTS. "What's funny is all my friends always ask me about that," Vincent said. "They always ask me, 'Why don't you try to go on Dancing With the Stars?' I'd put money on this, if I went on Dancing With the Stars, I would definitely ... if not win, get close to winning."

He said he lives close to Hollywood and he was recently by Chinese Theatre when the DWTS dancers and crew were there for an event. They ended up interviewing him, and he said he played Oscar on TWD. He was told DWTS would love to have one of the new or old TWD cast members on the show. "I don't know who would dare to do it now, maybe..." Vincent trailed it off, before Danai Gurira's (Michonne) name came up. He didn't think anyone else would have enough rhythm. "I think I could definitely give them a run for their money on that show," Vincent said with a laugh.

Well, TWD Season 5 will continue to film until November, so active cast members may be out. Hopefully Danai/Michonne still qualifies as active at that point. Of the past cast members, if not Vincent for DWTS, maybe Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon) could do it. Rooker once tweeted that he would do DWTS if he got a Playboy model as a partner. That guy is pretty much tailor-made for reality TV!

What do you think? Should a past or present star from The Walking Dead be cast on Dancing With the Stars? If so, who should dance?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC; DWTS Season 19 will probably premiere mid-to-late September on ABC.

Source: Enrique's The Walking Dead Live Podcast