Dancing With the A-Listers? DWTS to Wrangle Big Celebs for Season 13
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the A-Listers? DWTS to Wrangle Big Celebs for Season 13

In related news, everyone has wanted more high-profile celebs on Dancing With the Stars for years. Catch up, y’all.

But seriously, we’ve been crossing “big names” off our dream list for DWTS Season 13 because, well, they tend to think they’re too good for our beloved show. But notsofast! Maybe it isn’t so weird to think someone like John Travolta would enlist for sequin duty.

According to TMZ, “producers are under direct orders to find ‘more high profile’ people than in the past seasons ... after booking a string of D-listers like The Situation, Kate Gosselin, Audrina Patridge, Jake Pavelka and Holly Madison.”

How are producers enticing the A-listers? TMZ says they are being offered complete control over their rehearsal schedule and saying there’s no minimum rehearsal requirements. This may put them on unsure footing performance-wise, but star power has been known to translate into viewer votes, so maybe it will work for them.

TMZ says the big name celebs are also being offered final say on music selections and costumes designs, including colors, cuts and styles.

Didn’t Kirstie Alley already get those things on DWTS Season 12? Is she the new star prototype? We always kinda wondered if dancing with Maksim Chmerkovskiy was part of her contract. Will that happen again for someone else this fall?

Source: TMZ