Dancing With the Stars’ 10 Sexiest Moments of 2012
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars’ 10 Sexiest Moments of 2012

Blame global warming — and Magic Mike! Dancing With the Stars was a hot mess in 2012, with dancers shedding most of their clothes and working it like the audience had $20 bills to stuff in their g-strings. Of course, “sexy” is a subjective term, and it isn’t always connected to skimpy outfits. We picked 10 of our favorite sexy moments of DWTS Seasons 14 and 15, and some of them were so covered-up even the Victorians would approve.

William Levy loosens up some buttons, Season 14
Before Season 14 even started, Cheryl Burke declared William the hottest piece of you-know-what that had ever been on DWTS. It was a bold statement, but backed up by the live studio audience, who acted like tweens at a Justin Bieber concert. William ripped open his shirt for his Week 3 Salsa, but this Latin Week Argentine Tango to "Buttons" is even hotter. Gotta love a confident man in a suit, especially with his own first few buttons open.

Team Tango, Season 14
Nobody takes any clothes off in Team Tango's tux-clad dance. In fact, this is possibly the most covered-up the dancers have ever been. But the sharp, confident moves and pulsing classical music make this a surprisingly sexy group effort. Bonus points to the men for doing push-ups in the end.

Team Paso, Season 14
They do take some clothes off in this dance. And when William, Donald Driver and Maksim Chmerkovskiy do their intense matador moves wearing just suspenders? Um. Yeah. Sexy. Very.

Maks’s "Moves Like Jagger" look, All-Stars
Maks is so good at playing dress up, he even makes the absurd seem sublime. His hair is crazy caveman, his vest is Village People, and yet it works. He sells "Moves Like Jagger" like a flamboyant diva, even doing the chicken dance at the start of this routine with Kirstie Alley — who is definitely not the "star" this week.

Shawn Johnson & Derek Hough, Rumba, All-Stars
Who knew sweet Shawn and golden boy Derek could be a steamy couple? This Titanic Rumba for Guilty Pleasures Week was romantic and beautiful and, yeah, had some surprising sex appeal. Leo's got nothin' on you, D!

Kelly Monaco & Val Chmerkovskiy’s Rumba, All-Stars
He just can’t stop loving her, as shown in this intimate and intense All-Stars Rumba that included, as usual, a Team Vally kiss.

Team Gangnam Style, All-Stars
Yes, it was a hot mess — but it was the most entertaining hot mess of the year! And it doesn’t get much sexier than shirtless Val working it in his shades, or Gilles Marini whipping off his towel for Bruno Tonioli.

Shawn, Derek and Mark Ballas's Tribal Trio Samba, All-Stars
Maybe it wasn't enough of a Samba, maybe it was. Who knows. Who even cares anymore. It was raw, powerful, primal, sexy and showed the confident damn girl side to the innocent Olympian.

Kirstie Alley, Tristan MacManus and Maks, Trio Paso Doble, All-Stars
Any dance that features Maks and Tristan as sexy dark angels holds a special place in our memories. Kirstie was one lucky cougar lady on All-Stars Week 8, and she admitted dancing with two gorgeous men at the same time was a bit of an ego boost. She’s a hot man hoarder!

Val's Speedo
As Bruno told Kelly after this dance, you should never work with children or Speedos, ‘cause they’ll upstage you every time. Team Vally had to do a "Surfer" Flamenco on All-Stars Week 9, and the judges didn't think it had enough flamenco content, but blah, blah, blah. We’ll never forget this routine, thanks to Val’s Speedo — showing off the goods that were quite good, and proving that sometimes the less clothing you wear is connected to sex appeal.

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