Dancing With the Stars 2013: Jennifer Lawrence or Bradley Cooper on Season 16?
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013: Jennifer Lawrence or Bradley Cooper on Season 16?

Bradley Cooper recently told USA Today he was not opposed to doing Dancing With the Stars. But during last fall’s Toronto Film Festival, he and his Silver Linings Playbook co-star Jennifer Lawrence shared a very different — but totally hilarious — story with MTV when asked about DWTS. Their characters in the film dance together in a competition, but in real life they don’t think they’d be up to the challenge.

Bradley: "I would be sweating too much. We would be a mess, if we did it."

Jennifer: "Yeah, I couldn't handle that pressure."

Bradley: "No, that'd be too much. Oh are you kidding, there's no way. First of all, we get very winded fast. We'd make it halfway through one song."

Jennifer: "Both of us are probably the most out of shape, like, most eating actors..."

Bradley: “Yeah, I had tons of food every day.”

Jennifer: "Fact about Bradley sweating, though, he sweats out of his ass first, which I always thought was so odd. Normally it's like armpits, face..."

Bradley: "How do you know that, 'cause I have a little thing?"

Jennifer: “Yeah, 'cause there was always a little wet patch right on your butt.”

Bradley: “No, that's 'cause I keep peeing out of my butt out of nerves."

TMI, man! As Jen told him it at the end of the video, "Instead of, like, next to your face 'Sexiest Man Alive' it should be 'Sexiest Man Alive: No Anal Control.'" Nasty! Seriously, though, they would be great on DWTS for the self-deprecating jokes alone. They’re obviously way too busy with the Oscars to join the spring 2013 Season 16, but maybe keep them in mind for, say, Season 20?

Source: MTV (via YouTube)