Dancing With the Stars 2013: Who Will Go Home in Week 5?
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013: Who Will Go Home in Week 5?

Here we go again! One thing you have to give Dancing With the Stars Season 16 — it's consistent. The same three or four people tend to be at the top, and the same three or four people tend to be at the bottom.

Here’s the Week 5 leaderboard:

Zendaya & Val — 29

Kellie & Derek — 27

Jacoby & Karina — 26

Aly & Mark — 25

Sean & Peta — 24

Ingo & Kym — 21

Victor & Lindsay — 21

D.L. & Cheryl — 18

Andy & Sharna — 18

Wynonna Judd and Lisa Vanderpump both went home for having their weeks’s lowest scores — or tying for the lowest. Based on that lowest-score-goes-home trend (which may sound obvious but often doesn’t turn out to be the case), we have our eyes on either Andy Dick or D.L. Hughley with their scores of 18 out of 30. That's the lowest of the week, and pretty sad for Week 5 when everyone should at least be in the low 20s. But while Len's Side-By-Side Challenge helped bring out the best in Zendaya Coleman and Kellie Pickler, it did no favors for the comedians.

However, D.L. has been at the bottom of the leaderboard before and survived. In fact, he’s yet to even be in the bottom two. This is Andy’s first time at the bottom score-wise, but he’s been close, and he has been in the Results Show bottom two. Do you think he'll be saved into Week 6? What about Victor Ortiz, who has been in the bottom two twice before, and almost left last week? He got a score of 21 this week, which may make him look safe when he and Ingo Rademacher, who also got a 21, may be the ones who are really vulnerable. (Ingo didn’t do himself any favors by saying he just hoped to slide by into Week 6. No one gets a free pass, man!)

Even Derek Hough has noted how tough it is for the new pros, since they are just starting out and don’t quite have the same fan bases as the veteran pros. So we’re most worried for Victor and Lindsay Arnold and Andy and Sharna Burgess. If we had to guess, we’d say Victor is going home. But we said that last week and he survived. We’re going to give the poor guy a complex!

What’s your elimination prediction? Who should go home vs. who will go home?