Dancing With the Stars 2013: Why Did Lisa Vanderpump Go Home on Week 4?
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013: Why Did Lisa Vanderpump Go Home on Week 4?

So Lisa Vanderpump wasn’t saved with sympathy votes after all. Or maybe she was — maybe the sympathy was for her body, since she really seemed spent and didn’t quite have time for the rigors of Dancing With the Stars Season 16. So now we have to live without Gleb Savchenko’s amazing body, Giggy’s amazing cuteness, and Lisa’s amazing wit. Sigh.

However, the silver lining may be that, in the past two eliminations, the couples with the lowest scores have gone home. That was almost never the case on All-Stars Season 15, which just drove us crazy. This week, Lisa & Gleb were in the bottom two with Victor Ortiz & Lindsay Arnold, who tied with them for the bottom of the Week 4 leaderboard. And no offense to either couple, but they deserved to be there. Last week, Wynonna Judd went home with the lowest scores and she earned that too. We figured Lisa’s fainting spell might earn her enough support to keep her going, but it may be that fans felt like Victor had more potential, whereas Lisa seemed to be having fun but maybe she wasn’t ready for the hard road ahead. Then again, two of the three new pros ended up in the bottom two again, so it's possible the new pros are still in danger, even beyond having the lowest scores.


Is Lisa glad she did the show? “Oh my gosh,” Lisa said, just after her elimination on the Week 4 Results Show. “Just to be included with this group of people, you know gold medalists, Olympians, but most importantly just a wonderful bunch of people. So yes I am really happy. It’s been six long weeks, I have to say, boy has it taken its toll. It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But I was given a gift dancing with him [Gleb], he’s so patient.” She also thanked her castmates for making this experience so much fun.

Are you surprised or sad to see Lisa & Gleb go? At least Gleb got shirtless for us on Monday. We’ll cherish the memories!