Dancing With the Stars Pros Alec Mazo & Edyta Sliwinska: Where Are They Now?
Dancing With the Stars Pros Alec Mazo & Edyta Sliwinska: Where Are They Now?
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Dancing With the Stars Pros Alec Mazo & Edyta Sliwinska: Where Are They Now?


Gorgeous married pro dancers Alec Mazo and Edyta Sliwinska are “retired” from Dancing With the Stars. Alec, who won Season 1 with Kelly Monaco, was last seen on Season 9. Edyta was on every season from 1-10, when she also retired from the ABC ballroom.

The TV Guide Network caught up with many past stars — including Alec and Edyta — in the March 11 special, The Cast of Dancing With the Stars: Where Are They Now?

“I got lucky with Kelly Monaco the first season,” Alec said of his start on DWTS, “and then afterward not so lucky with some partners. And then I was trying to help Edyta win. She got really close with Jason Taylor [Season 6] and Joey Lawrence [Season 3]. It was a great experience all around.” Edyta added, “It was definitely an honor to be on the show. We were very lucky to be there from the start and it definitely launched our careers and opened a lot of doors.”

In addition to DWTS, they’ve made some fitness DVDs and booked some acting jobs. Edya had a role on CSI: New York, and Alec had a “tiny role” in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. “I was playing Cate Blanchett’s boyfriend and got to sleep with her,” Alec said. “And then I got to talk to Brad Pitt. But you know,” he joked, “it happens every day.”

Alec said one of the influencing factors in leaving DWTS was that he was able to go to business school — he got his master’s from Stanford. “For me it was a way to kind of get myself some credibility in the television world. If we wanted to produce, it was very important for me to come in and show not only do we know how to do the creative side of it, but we also know how to put things together, behind the scenes.”

They spend a lot of time in San Francisco running their family’s dance studio, but their production company, Dancing Pros Inc, has become their main focus, creating Broadway-style productions. “I think in the future we’re looking to expand our production company,” Alec said. “We’re looking to expand into the television side of it and we’re lucky enough to be able to produce a TV show very shortly.”

Hopefully we’ll hear all about the new show, once it’s ready to go. We miss Alec and Edyta, but it’s great to hear things are going so well!

Source: TV Guide Network