This show is fixed! It's a cry as predictable as Randy Jackson's "pitchy" bitches on American Idol.

But it's hard to prove.

Yes, there were four DWTS Season 10 couples with lower scores than Shannen Doherty and her injured patron saint, Mark Ballas.  But DWTS has that tricky scoring system (that's still better than Idol's) where judges' scores count for a lot, but not as much as viewers’ votes.

After hearing the loud protests from fans who argued Buzz Aldrin was kept around because it'd be a Red Commie thing to do to dump an American hero first, and Kate Gosselin was kept because she's ratings gold, executive producer Conrad Green tried to explain the situation.

"I can assure you absolutely there's no rigging of these votes. I couldn't do anything about them if I wanted to," Green told E!, citing the rules, regulations, more rules and three independent accounting firms. He argued that Shannen and her fellow bottom two contestant, Pamela Anderson, fell victim to the classic assumption that their favorite stars would be safe.

If it's any consolation, it doesn't sound like Shannen lost by much. Green said, "The margins can be really small—it can just be a few hundred votes. There weren't huge margins involved (last week) and typically there aren't."

And as Entertainment Weekly pointed out in "There's No Voting Against People," you have to vote for someone, not against the person who may feel more strongly about. So if viewers hate Kate — and many seem to — in order to get her kicked off they have to pick up the phone for one or all of the other contestants.

But are you really going to try to vote repeatedly for Buzz Aldrin just because you don't like Kate? Probably not. More likely, Kate Haters are just protesting through screams at the television and nasty comments on message boards.

"I'm astonished with the vitriol," Green said. "She's working so hard."

But let's not forget that Shannen worked hard too. So hard in fact that she beat Kate's judging score by 7 points. Now Shannen's gone and Kate's left to perform another cringe-inducing dance. Where's the fairness in that?

"Whenever logic is defied," Green said, "people get angry."

Too right they do.

Guess the lesson here is another predictable cry: Vote like crazy for your favorite dancers. Or, better idea: Go ahead and let us vote against contestants. Sure it would damage their egos, but they are paid a pretty penny to be on this show. Consider it part of the job.

Source: E! Online