Now that she's got Dancing with the Stars under her belt — plus a national appearance on Good Morning America — Erin Andrews really needs to up her day-job profile. Simply put: Being a sideline reporter isn't going to cut it! Erin needs to branch out and do more for her home network, ESPN. The boys at Bleacher Report have come up with a list of 10 things she can do to up her status. Comment below and tell us: Do you agree? Should she add any of these to her CV?

1. Star in the New Season of Playmakers (an ESPN drama that was canceled after one season)
2. Host the ESPN Special: The EA Decision (a reality contest to find the next Erin Andrews)
3. Co-Host Sports Nation with Michelle Beadl
4. EA Can Host a Where Are They Now Show 5. Really Take Advantage of Her Side Line Interviews (by having a 30-minute sitdown with athletes on the sidelines, but not during games) 6. Two Half-Hour Story Slots Per Year (more long-form journalism)
7. Join the E:60 Team (an ESPN show in the vein of 60 Minutes)
8. Cover Live Sports From the Booth
9. Anchor SportsCenter Occasionally 10. Do Hard Hitting Under Cover Stories for Outside The Lines (another ESPN show in the vein of 60 Minutes)

She could also always go back to Dancing with the Stars, right? We love Brooke Burke, but wouldn't Erin be a little better?

Source: Bleacher Report