From Pickler Power to Puppy Power, it’s safe to call Kellie Pickler a big winner, given her recent Dancing With the Stars Season 16 win. But do you know what's even better than a shiny Mirror Ball trophy? A puppy! 

Kellie and Derek Hough didn’t top the leaderboard after the Week 10 Performance Show, but their Freestyle was the talk of the night. However, after the show, Kellie told Life & Style things only got better when her husband Kyle Jacobs surprised her with a new puppy. (Cue the "Awwwwws"!) 

“He was carrying this little bag. He opens it and there’s this little Maltese in there!” Kellie told L&S, then explained, “I was at a charity event a few weeks ago and there was a puppy there that I had to take out on stage that we were offering for the event. I was looking at my husband like ‘you better raise that paddle! You better raise your hand. I want this puppy!’”

The girl gets what she wants! Just don’t let the puppy chew off the Mirror Ball sequins, Kellie!

Source: Life & Style