Maks Chmerkovskiy is an attractive guy who almost always looks red carpet ready, but that almost all changed last night.

While it wasn’t a purposeful beauty blunder, Maks got too close to a fire and nearly burned his eyebrows off! No, he wasn’t playing fireman and rescuing children from a burning building (that sounds more like Dancing With the Stars fanfiction) — he was just having a classic hibachi dinner.

The former DWTS pro posted a Vine video from his meal, and at the end, his phone is nearly engulfed in flames. He jumped back in time, but he noted that he almost scorched his face in the process.

“It’s going down old school style! Almost burned my eyebrows!” he captioned the video. Hey, in the name of a good meal, people take risks. Maks is clearly a risk-taker.

Check out the Vine below, and then hit the comments with your own hibachi experiences!