Mark Ballas has been on Dancing With the Stars for 11 seasons, and along the way, he’s had vastly different partners. Though it’s likely hard to keep in touch with all of them — especially Kim Kardashian, who just had a baby girl — he made time to have lunch with one such gal yesterday.

While Mark attempted to keep her identity a secret in his Vine video, we could tell who it was! “Just stepped out to lunch and ran into a partner. Can you guess who it is?” he questioned in the vid before panning over to her. Even just from her the high bun on the top of her head and color of her hair, we could tell it was Season 8 partner Shawn Johnson. Didn’t fool us, Mark!

Seriously, could they be any cuter? They’re wearing almost-matching white shirts and enjoying a lovely meal together. Sounds like it wasn’t pre-planned either, meaning that fate basically brought them together.

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