Dancing With the StarsJulianne Hough is usually out and about Los Angeles with friends or brother Derek Hough, but yesterday night, she was bedridden and couldn’t move. What happened to the dancing queen?

According to Julianne’s sad Instagram pic of her snuggling in bed, she was sicker than a dog... with her dogs! She captioned the pic with an explanation of why she looked so sad and couldn’t move, writing, “Momma doesn't feel good today! Run down, scratchy throat... Tweaked my neck from an injury I got on rock of ages 2 yrs ago... Can't move! Babies are taking care of me! #lovemeunconditionally #iwanttocuddle.”

Oh no! If she was Instagramming, she’s probably fine, but it doesn’t look like it was a good night for Jules. And to think that she was just having fun at a Svedka vodka bash on Tuesday, playing an enormous game of Jenga and participating in a flash mob. Maybe she partied too hard and made that old injury hurt her again? Who knows!

We hope Julianne is feeling better, and send our best wishes to her and the pups! Feel free to do the same in the comments below.