We all know that Julianne Hough loves to dance and sing and jump around, but we were still surprised to see what crazy thing she was doing last night. Though the former Dancing With the Stars pro wasn’t exactly out on the town, she was definitely having the time of her life.

Last night, she Instagrammed a video of her jumping on a huge grid of trampolines into an enormous pile of foam blocks. She hops and hops and then does a double-front-flip in, causing people to scream excitedly around her. Get it, Jules!

Looks like she had a lot of fun, although it’s a little strange that they appear to be the only adults there — the people around them are all kids. She captioned this with our exact thoughts: “I don't even know what that was, hahahaha.”

Apparently she was had other plans, but randomly ended up doing this “serious workout” on the trampolines. After the video, she posted a pic of her basically passed out while laughing, captioning it, “Was supposed to go on hike... But ended up in a pit of foam instead! That was a serious workout!!!”

Hey, unconventional workouts are sometimes the best and most effective! Check out the pic and video below, then hit the comments with your thoughts on Julianne’s trampoline time.