Kellie Pickler is a talented country singer and dancer, but those two things aren’t completely the center of her life. She also has a loving fiancé named Kyle Jacobs, and the two recently welcomed an adorable new addition to their family!

No, it’s not a baby, but this little guy is basically her child. Though the couple were calling their new pup “Tango” for a while, they officially named him Peanut over the weekend, and he is the cutest dog ever.

“Me & Peanut. #MyNewPup :),” Kellie captioned the pic (on left) of herself snuggling the fluffy white Maltese puppy. He looks a little sad as she smiles, but he's probably just a little camera shy!

The story behind the little one is almost as cute as the dog himself. At a charity event back in May, pups were up for adoption, and Kellie desperately wanted to take this guy home. Kyle surprised her after the Dancing With the Stars finals with their adorable new addition, giving her exactly what she wanted before she won the Mirror Ball. That must have been an amazing week!

Notably, Peanut is also the name of Ingo Rademacher’s son, who spent a lot of time with the cast. Do you think Kellie named her dog after him, or is it just a coincidence? Sound off below!