Since Stacy Keibler split with longtime beau George Clooney, she’s kept relatively under the radar, but now she’s stepping out in a big way post-breakup.

Stacy recently revealed that she’s collaborating with Meesh & Mia Inc., a fashion-forward women’s sports apparel brand. The wrestler-turned-actress is embarking on a strategic partnership with the brand, becoming both an equity partner and brand ambassador. Basically, she’s keeping busy.

Not only will Stacy be rockin’ some amazing new sportswear, but she’ll also play in active role in the product design process, “providing style content for as well as posting behind the scenes footage on her personal website,” according to a press release. Her signature collection will debut online and at after an official unveiling this September in New York.

“I am extremely excited to work with Meesh & Mia as I've always wanted to be involved in designing trendy apparel for avid female sports fans and the team market,” Stacy dished. “Due to my combined passion for sports and fashion, I believe that this joint venture aligns perfectly with the brand’s profile and I am honored to partake in this project.”

Though this is a far cry from the stunning ballroom dresses she’s worn on the red carpet (not to mention her time on Dancing With the Stars), we’re sure she’ll look amazing. Hey, you know what they say — looking good is the best revenge. Eat your heart out, George!

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