Kirstie Alley is one woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind. 

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant shared some words of encouragement for Kanye West on Monday, following the release of video that showed him getting into a scuffle with a paparazzo.

While Kanye is being investigated by police in Los Angeles regarding the incident, Kirstie managed to see some good in the situation. 

Kirstie tweeted, "I love that Kanye went all whack on that asshat paparazzi… too bad he didn't whip his ass with his hat! GO KANYE!!" 

When questioned by a follower if her statements were the result of her own feelings about the paparazzi, Kirstie answered, "That is true," adding, "I applaud anyone who takes a swing at em." 

We're all for being opinionated, but advocating assault, even on one of those pesky paparazzos, kind of crosses a line. 

Maybe it's about time Kirstie got back to dancing to work off some of that aggression.

Source: Twitter