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Unlike Snooki and Amber Riley, wacky scientist Bill Nye didn’t have such a captivating performance on last night’s premiere of Dancing With the Stars 2013 — and the poor guy can’t stop beating himself up over it.

The former Bill Nye the Science Guy host only earned 14 out of 30 points for his Cha-Cha with newbie pro Tyne Stecklein, giving the duo the night’s lowest score.

“I’m disappointed and I think that’s normal,” Bill told People. “I’m disappointed in myself and just, things. But what are you going to do?”

Thankfully, Bill’s partner, Tyne, did cut the science guy some slack. “I think [the judges] were a little hard on Bill tonight,” she said.

Never fear though — Bill promises a grand comeback next episode! “They don’t care about you when you’re on top,” he said. “They care about you when you come back. Watch out: next week, Paso Doble. People don’t regret what they do. They regret what they don’t do. I can’t let Tyne down.”

Aww. We're rooting for you, Bill! What did you think of his performance during the Season 17 premiere? Sound off below!