It's fall 2013 — the days are getting shorter and so is Carrie Ann Inaba's hair. The Dancing With the Stars judge showed off a few photos of her new short hair on October 3.

With this pic she tweeted, "Side angle #haircut So free! #lettinggo of the past! Welcoming the new!! Yay!!"

Credit: Facebook Photo: Carrie Ann Inaba's new short hair

The pic shown at left is from Facebook, and it looks like it was taken right in the salon where the stylist is sweeping up her old hair.

Carrie Ann tweeted that it was a "#latenight #haircut" so maybe it was a spur-of-the-moment decision. She seems excited about it, later adding, "Shorter and shorter... :) Change is scary and fun and freeing!!! letting go of my past.." She added more hashtags like "#newbeginnings" and "#freshstart."

Good for her! It's brave to make a big change, even if it's just hair. And funny how changing your hair can make you feel so different. She looks gorgeous, as usual — the style really suits her.

We're not sure what she's ditching in her past (although she did split from her fiance a little over a year ago) but the future looks fresh and fun so far!

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