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When Julianne Hough was announced as a guest judge on Dancing With the Stars, many fans cried foul, thinking that she would go too easy on brother Derek Hough and former dance partner (and childhood friend) Mark Ballas. However, on the live episode on October 7, that certainly wasn’t the case.

Though she did have positive comments for her brother Derek, he and his partner Amber Riley received 9s across the judges’ table, so it wasn’t a bias toward him — they just did a great job. When it came to Mark and partner Christina Milian, though, she didn’t go easy on him, harshly critiquing his choreography and saying he’s a show-off. “I’ve danced with Mark. You have to stand in front to make sure you’re seen,” she said.

Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

After the show, Mark said she was “hypocritical” with her comments, but ultimately she just “put a little sting” on him and he thought she was a great and “insightful” judge with great tips. Apparently that’s not the case, according to an inside DWTS source.

"The dancers were all talking about it," a source told Us Weekly. "Mark was so pissed after his routine, he was in silence, just gritting his teeth for a long time. He was so angry. Julianne is like his little sister he grew up with, and for her to make that dig at him...he felt like that was just so uncalled for."

The source adds that he’s “furious” and even brushed off bestie Derek when he tried to talk about it. While Mark “laughed off the remark,” he remained silent after and was reportedly too angry to talk about it.

What do you think of Mark’s apparent reaction to Julianne? Too much, or do you understand where he’s coming from? Sound off below.

SourceUs Weekly

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