Kelly Osbourne is clearly a big fan of talking. But she won't be allowed to say another word until well into December. Sounds rough, no?

Kelly took to Instagram on November 21 to announce that she is refraining from talking for the next two weeks. So what happened?

"According to my doctor, I have pre-vocal nodes and am on vocal rest for the next two weeks!" she writes. "That's worse than prison for me!"

Yikes! We can't imagine not talking for that long. Plus, it's no secret that 29-year-old Kelly is a very chatty person, as you can seen on her show, Fashion Police. So we're sure it will be extra tough on her.

Kelly posted a close-up photo of her vocal cords, and she compared them to another body part.

Credit: Instagram

"#warning this is disgusting!" Kelly captions the shot. "How much do my vocal cords look like a #vagina?" Uh, if you say so, Kelly.

Kelly rose to fame when she starred with her family  including rock legend Ozzy Osbourne  on MTV reality show The Osbournes. Kelly competed on Dancing with the Stars in 2009, finishing in third place. 

Speaking of DWTS, Kelly has been supporting her brother Jack, as Jack is down to the final four hoofers this season. But it looks like Kelly will have to do her cheering from Twitter for the next two weeks. 

We're wishing Kelly all the best in her recovery!