Credit: Adam Taylor/ ABC Photo: Dancing With the Stars 2013: Season 17, Week 3: Amber Riley and Derek Hough

On the Dancing With the Stars 2013 finaleAmber Riley and Derek Hough danced the Charleston to "Bang Bang" by for the “Judges Pick” round.

Carrie Ann went to the rehearsal studios before the show and pointed out where Amber could be more precise in the dance. Amber said she wants it to be perfect and Derek said they're going to go in and just bust it out. After all, they've had no problem doing that throughout the season! So did they do better than the 8s they got the first time they performed the Charleston?

When it was time to hear from the judges, Carrie Ann said they outdid themselves and that they were way more in sync this time. Len also had positive feedback and said of the four couples they've seen, they were the most improved. Bruno was super excited about their improvements and said their footwork was sharp. We knew they had it in them!

Naturally, their improved performance earned them a perfect score. That's what we like to see in the finale dances! Did you think Amber and Derek rocked it on the dance floor? Sound off in the comments.

Score: 10, 10, 10. 30/30.