Levi Johnston is a daddy denied. Bristol Palin’s ex filed a petition back in October to get equal custody of their 4-year-old son, Tripp, and this past week, it was dismissed. Sarah Palin’s daughter, 23, gets to keep primary physical custody of her son.

RadarOnline.com reports the news, making sure to note the Alaska judge who ruled on the petition, Gregory L. Heath, was appointed by Bristol’s mama back in 2009.

Credit: Getty Images

Bristol and Levi welcomed Tripp in December 2008. When they split in 2010, he agreed to give her primary physical custody. Two years later, he married Sunny Oglesby; they have a 1-year-old daughter together named Breeze Beretta (you know, like the gun brand?).

Sarah Palin seemed convinced that the courts would never give Levi equal custody, calling him a “deadbeat dad.” It turns out her instincts were right. Radar reports Levi was disorganized in his custody filings, didn’t file an opposition to Bristol’s motion to dismiss, and then asked the judge for an extension. Judge Heath eventually said he’d hear Levi’s argument, but he ended up denying the motion.

Bristol and Tripp lived in Los Angeles back in 2012, when she was appearing on Dancing With The Stars Season 15, but the two have since moved back to Alaska. There, they’re closer to Tripp’s daddy, which should make visitation easier. But Tripp won’t be moving in with Levi anytime soon.