Sigh. We really hoped Andy Dick was past stories like this, but ... according to People, the Dancing With the Stars Season 16 alum was removed from the Season 18 Finale ballroom last night for inappropriate behavior.

They say he arrived with a guest and seemed to be acting erratically — running in and out of the ballroom every five minutes yelling "I have to pee!" That’s bizarre, but he is a pretty bizarre comedian in general, and if that was all he did he might have been OK to stick around. But, People said, he also lunged at a production staffer's breast. Four security guards reportedly stepped in and told him he had to go. Andy is said to have replied, "Why? Because I'm drunk?" He was evicted, and not seen again at the Finale.

Andy has a long history with both substance abuse and "erratic" behavior that includes groping allegations. Andy was also said to be "wasted" at the January 2014 wedding reception of fellow DWTS 16 alum Sean Lowe.

It's sad, since Andy seemed to make great progress with DWTS pro Sharna Burgess when they competed together. Remember his dance for his daughter? It was so moving. But he's also been through the rehab and relapse cycle in the past. Apparently the battle rages on, and all we can do is wish him luck.