Dancing With the Stars fan favorite pro Derek Hough may be a five-time Mirror Ball champ with an Emmy for his choreography, but that doesn't stop the judges from ripping into him every now and then. Len Goodman is especially fond of calling Derek out for creating routines that, while cool, sometimes don't have enough actual ballroom content. So, how does Derek feel about criticism from the judges?

"The past few seasons I have enjoyed that little banter," Derek somewhat surprisingly told WPBF 25 News in a recent interview. "The past few seasons I have enjoyed that little banter. It can be the thing where if you feel like you've done a good job, and you feel good about what you've done, and you feel good about the performance, and then, say, Len says, 'Oh, I hate it. It was a hodgepodge.' Then it's actually kind of fun. That's kind of what makes the show the show."

Well, that's certainly a chillaxed attitude to take! But he has a point — judges and pros butting heads is all part of the fun, and while the arguments can sometimes tip over into being too harsh to be enjoyable, a little disagreement can add spark.

Plus, when you've won as many times as Derek had, it's probably easy not to take the criticism too personally!

Source: WPBF 25 News