Are Dancing With the Stars hosts all introduced to some magic secret for getting the perfect body? This month, ex-host Brooke Burke-Charvet showed off her amazing bod on the cover of SHAPE magazine, while current host Erin Andrews is flaunting her rock-hard abs on the cover of Health magazine. Is it something in the ballroom water?

As you can see in the cover above, Erin, who's 36 years old, has a body to die for. So, how does she do it?

In her interview with Health Erin explained that for her, working out is a must. "I just feel bad about myself if I don't, because I like to eat, and I like to have a few cocktails. I need an hour where I can just sweat my brains out and get a break from everyone."

That said, she's never used a trainer; she prefers classes. "I need a class because there are other people there pushing me," she explained. "If I see a woman who's pregnant, or older, and she's doing more reps than me, it's like, 'Wait a second...'"

Oh, and another tip? Cut the soda! Erin admitted that she "would pound soda on the sidelines just to stay caffeinated." She added, "It's amazing how much weight I was able to lose once I stopped with those drinks."

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