Credit: "Jayme Oak"/Startraks Photo: Audrina Out on the Town

It looks like not all is well on the set of Dancing with the Stars. There's some trouble brewing in the form of a rivalry between Audrina Patridge and Jennifer Grey.

"There is certainly something brewing — they aren’t full fledged enemies quite yet, but Audrina is certainly taking it as a challenge that Jennifer is pretty much the front runner,” an inside source tells Hollywood Life. “It’s weird, Jennifer is super nice, but there have been times that both of them have been in the same area and have been fake nice to each other. The competition is bringing out major attitude.”

“When they are together, it’s tense,” the insider says. “Thankfully, they are training or out of each other’s hair for it not to blow up — but the closer they get to the finish line, they will be more and more together with media requirements, backstage vignettes, and everything else that comes with success on the show.” Yikes. Perhaps these two should start watching their backs.

Source: Hollywood Life


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