Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Photo: Audrina Patridge at the DWTS Premiere
Give the Dancing with the Stars contestants credit for one thing: They're a unified front when it comes to the way Michael Bolton was treated. The star, who complained that Bruno Tonioli criticized him too harshly on Monday night, demanded an apology and his former dancetestants have his back.

"If they were too nice, it wouldn't be an interesting show," Audrina Patridge told ET. "But I think it was harsh [the way Bruno reacted]."

Meanwhile, how is Audrina handling her time on DWTS? "It's a little nerve-wracking, because there's 20 million people watching you and it's live, so you never know if you're going to have a mistake, or fall or anything could happen." That's why we keep watching, Audrina. Good luck!

Source: ET


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