Credit: DJDM/ Photo: Brandy Hits the Red Carpet

Looks like those rumors about Brandy’s pregnancy are just rumors. The former Dancing with the Stars contestant openly mocked the idea that she’s with-child on Twitter yesterday.

"Media Takeout is a [sic] hilarious!" her first tweet reads. "Now I'm expecting a child? WOW!!! Please check out the story for your morning"

Brandy took a break after that, but returned later to unleash more debunking and comedy.

"At in and out... Wondering if I should get a double double since I'm eating for "two"... LMAO!!!"

She continued: "Now y'all know dang well I'm not pregnant.. Lmao!! But I might continue to crack jokes about be alert:)"

We will be Brandy, as we’re sure Media Takeout will be as well. Gotta watch those erroneous sources, fellas.

Source: Zap2it


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