Credit: Tony DiMaio/Startraks Photo: Brandy at the Get Lucky for Lupus Event

If you've been absolutely stunned by the turns of events on Dancing with the Stars this season, you certainly aren't alone. Even the contestants are shocked! Case in point, Brandy.

The Dancing with the Stars mirror ball contender was on CNN's Larry King Live last night and revealed just how stunned she was to see friends Rick Fox and Audrina Patridge go home. "I was very shocked at Rick Fox and Audrina," said Brandy. "They were doing great and they did some of their best dances and were voted off. I just didn’t understand that and was disturbed by that because they were so good."

Frankly, we don't understand it either, but perhaps if they wanted to stay on the show, they would have needed some more Tea Party support. Either that, or better dancing.

Source: HL


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