Credit: Photo: Brooke Burke Interviews the Stars, Week 1

Brooke Burke isn’t what we would call...a style icon. But on Dancing with the Stars, she’s about the only celebrity (okay, C-list celebrity) not wearing a kooky, blinged-out ballgown. So, what choice do we have but to break down her outfits from week to week? For the premiere week results show, Brook wore an embellished, one-shoulder satin mini dress. And as if that weren’t enough, it was hot pink. Lucky for you, we know just how to refurbish Brook’s look for occasions outside of question and answer sessions. First things first, delegate any and all sparkle to the accessory department, like a great pair of drop earrings or a stack of silver bangles. Next up, lengthen the hem of the dress to the knee. Looking age appropriate is essential, hosting duties or no hosting duties. Throw on a pair of simple suede pumps and you’re looking pretty in pink faster than you can say, “Welcome back to Dancing With The Stars!”


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