When Chad Ochocinco isn't choosing between 85 lovely ladies on his new VH1 reality show, he's gambling in a Las Vegas casino in his boxer shorts and socks. Wait, huh?

That's right! The former Dancing with the Stars contestant and Bengals wide receiver took to Twitter yesterday to show the world his skivvies! "[W]alking around MGM lobby in my gold toe socks and h&m briefs seeing who's winning on these slot machines, people looking at me crazy WTF." WTF indeed, Chad. What are you doing!?

He didn't stop at MGM either: "Back in my briefs and socks walking down Flamingo or as they say the Las Vegas strip, when it gets a lil cooler ill put on some clothes." We know Las Vegas is hot, but come on! It did help though — Chad reportedly won $100 while gambling.

Source: Huffington Post