Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney Photo: Sugar Ray Leonard & Anna Trebunsakaya on DWTS April 4, 2011

Enough about Kirstie Alley’s shoe for a minute. While Kirstie was stealing the spotlight (again), Dancing with the Stars pro Cheryl Burke was actually in pain.

As she explains to People magazine, while she was dancing the Paso Doble with her celeb partner Chris Jericho, she “felt something rip" in the upper inner thigh and groin region of her left leg. After the show, Cheryl was treated by medics, who gave her an icepack.

"There was a move where I get down quickly," Cheryl told People about her Week 4 routine. "It bothered me [in rehearsals], but not like this. Now that the adrenaline of the live show is wearing off I'm feeling the pain a bit more."

Feel better soon, Cheryl! And good for you for powering through the pain without making a big to-do about it. That’s a real pro!

Source: People


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