Credit: Larry Busacca/ Getty Images Photo: Chris Brown Performing on DWTS

Controversy = ratings. It worked for Kate Gosselin. It worked for Bristol Palin. And even though he wasn’t actually competing on Dancing With the Stars, it worked for Chris Brown.

Many livid fans said they wouldn’t watch tantrum-throwing Chris on the first Results Show of DWTS Season 12. If they did shut off their TV sets, many more folks turned them on — 19 million people watched the Tuesday episode, making it the biggest premiere night audience ever.

According to the Washington Post, last fall’s Season 11 Results Show premiere nabbed 18.5 million viewers, thanks to rubber-necking fans hoping to see Sarah Palin in the audience. The producers even hired extra security for the set. That was the Results Show ratings record holder until this week. Before that, 14 million viewers watched the Season 10 premiere Results Show and Season 9’s first dumping got 13 million people to watch.

So DWTS is on fiyah with these steadily rising ratings. And no matter how upset fans get about the controversial stars on the show, this helps to prove that they only attract more eyeballs. And eyeballs = money.

Source: Washington Post

Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch Chris Brown Sing "Yeah 3x" on Dancing With the Stars