Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Photo: Florence Henderson & Corky Ballas at the DWTS Premiere
Corky Ballas has been keeping a low profile on Dancing with the Stars, performing with Florence Henderson and just plugging along, but that doesn't mean he hasn't got opinions about the comings and goings on the show.

"We had all kinds of interesting drama last week," said Corky on WDOK radio, likely referring to Michael Bolton's elimination from the show. But was the singer treated unfairly? "No, I don't think so ... that's the way it goes." Good point, Corky.

Meanwhile, the dance pro was very surprised that David Hasselhoff was knocked off the show, but he says he wasn't aware of The Hoff's tendency to be a diva, as reports had previously stated.

For what it's worth, Corky thinks it's "obvious" that Jennifer Grey will be one of the finalists. Hopefully for him, so will Florence Henderson.

Source: WDOK

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