Credit: Photo Credit: ABC Family Channel © 2010 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Jennifer and Derek Week 10 Freestyle

Kyle & Lacey, Redemption Foxtrot

Kyle's gold Vegas lounge lizard jacket is a miss but at least it isn't Lacey's ripped up black and gold dress. These two always walk the line and very often they go overboard.

Jennifer & Derek, Freestyle

Jen wears a sparkly pink two-piece outfit underneath her initial conservative garb. (How Bristol-on-the-premiere of you!) Derek continues to show off his body — and his similarities to Patrick Swayze —in a tight white T-shirt and jeans. They both look great separately but the two looks don't work well together.

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Credit: Photo Credit: ABC Family Channel © 2010 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Bristol and Mark Week 10 Redemption
Costumes can really make or break a dance. Let's take a look at which couples went right and which ones went wrong on the first night of the Dancing with the Stars Season 11 Finale:


Jennifer & Derek, Redemption Paso Doble

Jennifer looks super-tiny in full-length black. Carrie Ann is right — Jen is very petite. The back of her dress has some nice cross-webbing. And thank you, Derek, for that open-shirt Paso Doble!

Bristol & Mark, Redemption Jive & Freestyle

Bristol looks slim and pretty in light blue. The poofy skirt is a bit much, but since this is the Jive, it's okay. Mark is matchy-matchy in his sparkling blue jacket. Bristol & Mark both look classy in black for their Chicago Freestyle — Mark in a tux and Bristol in short black lace with knee-high boots. She looks good!

Kyle & Lacey, Freestyle

The edgy, young, fun couple wear bright yellow and green with jean shorts and visors. Very fun and very Kyle & Lacey.