The Movie Night Results Show was appropriately Tinsel-tastic in shimmering silver. Except when it wasn't. Let's explore.


Debi does disco
We want this silver mini, but only if it comes with the amazing bracelets, too. And Debi Nova's gorgeous hair. And the four guys exposing their chests to her. Can we apply for her job, if she ever gets bored? Not sure about the boots, though. We're thinking stilettos might've been better.

Brooke gets sleek
Have we seen Brooke with her hair blown straight like this before? Can't recall her ever looking as chic as she did last night with this sleek, center-parted hair and another gorgeous silver metallic gown. This is one of her best looks yet.


We thought Chelsie looked so cute in her sparkly Cha-Cha-Cha dress on Monday, but apparently it was a high-maintenance diva outfit. What little she was wearing seemed to want to desert her partway through the encore performance on Tuesday. We can't blame it. Jake's timing was off and it was a horrible dance. Chelsie was really left hanging in that dress. Literally.