Peta Murgatroyd was as scantily clad as ever on Dancing With the Stars Season 16 Week 3 (April 1), baring her totally flat belly in a tiny cropped outfit. She must be on that carrot and celery diet to achieve that amazing bod, right? Very wrong.

Taking to Twitter to show off her snack of champions, Peta posted a late-night photo of a hefty cheeseburger and a milkshake, and wrote, "This is happening right now... Oops." Attagirl!

And that wasn't the only cheese Peta encountered that night. Hours before all of that meaty goodness, Peta and Sean hit the dance floor for a super cheesy, but loveable YMCA performance.

Nonetheless, with those 7-9 hour a day workouts, we don't blame our girl Peta for chowing down!

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Credit: Peta's Twitter Photo: Peta's Snack