Get your jazz hands ready! The second of the two new dance styles for Dancing With the Stars Season 16 will debut on Week 2. We already saw Contemporary on Week 1 and, despite our reservations, it wasn’t bad. The top-scoring couple of the week certainly didn’t seem to mind it! This week, some couples have Jazz, while others have Quickstep or Jive. Jazz sounds like a closer fit to what we’re used to on DWTS so we’re not worried so much as excited for what should be a high-energy show.

The 12 couples talked to On the Red Carpet about their Week 2 dances, or tweeted about their plans. Here’s a roundup of what to expect, with a couple of mysteries to be solved when more intel is available.

Kellie Pickler & Derek Hough, Jazz

Kellie told On the Red Carpet she's not sure she feels more confident now that Week 1 is over, since every week is a different dance and now they have to start all over again. On March 14, Derek tweeted, "Excited for Monday . But if I'm honest getting more excited about our week 2 dance ... #killitkellie." He also wrote in his TV Guide blog, "The cha-cha will be very traditional since the first dance is about an introduction, but our second dance, the jive, is really going to surprise people. We're going to step it up a little bit. I like to play around with my partner and see what they're good at and work around that, and Kellie's good at almost anything — no joke!" However, Kellie later tweeted, "Thanks so much for all the sweet comments about our #DWTS 1st week performance! Excited about our next dance! Week 2 = JAZZ week!" So do they have Jazz or Jive? According to ABC, they do have Jazz.

Watch their On the Red Carpet video here.

D.L. Hughley & Cheryl Burke, Quickstep

This week marked Cheryl's first score of 4. D.L. quipped that he's gotten 4s before. "Four is up for me." Next week they have Quickstep. "And I was always looking forward to that,” D.L. told OTRC. “I wanted to get the Cha-Cha out of the way. The Quickstep is a more sophisticated — it's a quicker dance and a more technical dance, but it has some things in it that optically look cool to me. Even when I first saw it I said I was looking very much forward to ballroom dancing." D.L. said he's confident he'll do better next week. He joked that the judges ran out of 4 cards, so he's definitely not going to get another one again.

Watch their video here.

Wynonna Judd & Tony Dovolani, Quickstep

Is Wynonna more confident now that she's past Week 1? "I'm confident now, [but] tomorrow we dance the Quickstep rehearsals. I'm sure I'll be the top of the bottom. It's just like when [my sister] Ashley has a #1 movie, she's out auditioning the very next week." Every week is something new on DWTS and it always means a fresh start from square one.

Watch their video here.

Jacoby Jones & Karina Smirnoff, Jazz

Jacoby & Karina actually don’t have an OTRC video this week, but Karina tweeted about their dance style. "Working on our Jazz routine! Busy day, dancing since 9am:). Hoping that I can sleep on our flight 2 Houston tonight! :)" Based on Jacoby’s energetic Cha-Cha, we have high hopes for this Jazz dance. Keep an eye on these two...


Andy Dick & Sharna Burgess, Jazz

What will they do next week to improve from their score of 17? "Next week we have the Jazz and I think it's going to suit Andy very well and he's going to have creative freedom really on the comedy side of this number,” Sharna told OTRC. “I think we're going to see a whole other side to him. we're just going to work as hard as we've been doing. I'm happy with a 17, it gives us somewhere to go." Andy said Sharna is secretly really rock 'n' roll. "I think next week, actually, she was saying, we're going to go a little darker," he said. They're going to rock it out a little bit, Sharna added.

Watch their video here.

Victor Ortiz & Lindsay Arnold, Jive

Victor told OTRC his nerves almost wouldn't let him be himself on the dance floor, but he finally got lost in Lindsey's pretty eyes. (Aww!) She told him, no matter what, just smile through it. And that's what they did. On the premiere, head judge Len Goodman told Victor he has the Jive next week. "I think that's going to be your dance. You're used to skipping, you're used to fast footwork. You come back and really knock my socks off!" Victor said "Yes, sir." We'll see if he does it! Len has high expectations now.

Watch their video here.

Zendaya Coleman & Val Chmerkovskiy, Jive

If you watch Zendaya and Val's OTRC video, he has such a proud smile when she talks. She knows she can't rest on her laurels, having earned the top scores of Week 1, she has to keep working hard to try to stay at the top. She's antsy in the video, maybe with some pent-up energy. Val was asked to predict when she might earn her first 10. He said he really didn't care about 10s. "I'm really grateful for the great scores that we got, three 8s. Amazing. But that's not what we're proud of. I'm proud of the fact that she came out very well. I'm proud that we got to execute the things we worked on. And I'm going to be extremely proud of her next week when she does the Jive well. And then I'm going to be proud of her again, when .... For me it's about the dance. It's always been. Honestly the judges are very unpredictable so honestly that's why I'm not going to try to predict what they're gonna do."

Watch their video here.

Ingo Rademacher & Kym Johnson, Quickstep

Ingo is an athlete, as well as a soap star, and whatever Kym throws at him, he’ll do. "He's an Aussie fighter," Kym said. His feet are all taped up from Contemporary training wounds, and now he has to do the Quickstep. “We did a little bit of Quickstep already and it was confusing,” Ingo said. “It's like this dyslexia comes in, in my feet. I'm like, 'What? Do a swish and a kick and a what?’ I'm like, this is craziness. And I've got to do this next Monday."He’ll figure it out in the end! They always do.

Watch their video here.

Sean Lowe & Peta Murgatroyd, Jive

Peta is fine with them being middle of the pack with their Week 1 scores. Not too low, not too high. That's what she wanted — but not what Sean wanted. He wants to be on top. "The first week's always going to be that little bit nerve-racking," Peta told OTRC. "But the next week after that we have Jive. It's going to be a good dance. I think he's athletic and it's fast and just high-paced, high energy.

Watch their video here.

Dorothy Hamill & Tristan MacManus, Jive

Dorothy and Tristan are so sweet and humble. She's like Dorothy in Oz and he's the ... he's the wizard! Just not behind the curtain. OTRC said we'll probably never see a clip of them fighting behind-the-scenes, but Tristan joked that they may have to fake a fight. Dorothy said Tristan may snap at some point, but we can't see it. They didn't talk about their Week 2 dance to OTRC but Dorothy tweeted, "@TristanMacManus have a great time at your pro rehearsal today. This afternoon is Jive time!"

Watch their video here.

Aly Raisman & Mark Ballas, Quickstep

Aly didn’t want to rest after Monday night’s show. She told On the Red Carpet, "I'm really excited to get back to rehearsals tomorrow. ... I would rehearse again tonight if I could. I love it." Mark said Olympians have such focus and drive and don't complain about doing hours of work, they just need to find the right balance between that steel focus and the looseness of a fun entertainer. They told Access Hollywood they have the Quickstep.

Watch their On the Red Carpet video here.

Lisa Vanderpump & Gleb Savchenko, Jive

Lisa and Gleb's OTRC video co-stars Giggy, who looks mostly asleep. He's over this already. We'd almost think he was a stuffed animal, not a real dog, but sometimes he opens his eyes. He couldn't be cuter. And that says a lot since he's right next to Gleb, who also couldn't be cuter. In the video, Gleb tells Lisa they will be leaving there and going straight to practice. She shoots that idea down. "No matter how cute you are, I'm not going to practice now." She's the opposite of Aly! They don't talk about their specific dance style in the video, but Giggy and Gleb are so adorable, and Lisa is such a spitfire, you just have to watch for them. 

Watch their video here.