Credit: Juan Sharma/Pacific Coast News Photo: David Hasselhoff at Rehearsal

It was the shock of the season, and the season just started. David Hasselhoff getting booted of Dancing with the Stars in the first round was a total surprise, if only because everyone thought he'd be one of the final competitors standing. But just because The Hoff left so quickly, doesn't mean he didn't leave a mark on his fellow competitors.

"It's really sad. I love his body, I love the way he moves. He's a really elegant figure," said Margaret Cho backstage after the ousting. That said, she was pleased it wasn't her going home. "I'm so relieved," she sighed backstage. "I care about this so much, and I want to take it all the way."

Meanwhile, just because he arrived on the set late, doesn't mean The Situation didn't have feeling for The Hoff, too.

"We love The Hoff," The Situation said with partner Karina Smirnoff nodding by his side. "Me and him were mad cool. We'll have to send him a beach towel or something." Of course you will.

Still, don't feel too bad for David. He seems to be taking this in stride. "The sad part about it is that after three weeks Kym [Johnson] and I are good friends," he told us. "But in the end when it got down to the four of us I thought, I don't want to see these guys go! I'm very happy. I'm sad for Kym, but tomorrow I've got to go to Laughlin and do my show there." Good friends? Well, he hopes so at least.

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