Credit: Mr. Photoman / Splash News Photo: Derek Hough Struts Through a Parking Lot After Rehearsal

Those Houghs always stick together — even when maybe they shouldn’t.

Two-time Dancing With the Stars champion Julianne Hough has a lead role in the movie Rock of Ages, opening this Friday. Today E! revealed that her three-time champ of brother Derek Hough also has a cameo.

"In the strip club, of all places, which is really weird," Derek told of his cameo to E! at the Rock of Ages premiere in Hollywood. "I was just there visiting, and I walked in and [director] Adam [Shankman] was like, 'Sit down there.'"

"There" was in view of his sister doing pole dance stripper moves. Yeah. "It was just funny because once she started dancing and doing the whole thing, I was like, 'I think I'm going to go now,'" Derek joked.

Weirdly enough, siblings getting a wee bit too close for comfort is the major trend of the year. So … er … congrats, Derek and Julianne!

Source: E!

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