Look out, Cheryl Cole, Derek Hough may have himself a new girlfriend — even if it's just for one night ... and he's sharing her with at least one other dude.

Here's the deal: This USC sorority girl named Christina was ticked because her "hot douche" ex-boyfriend left her without a date right before tonight’s big Beaux & Arrows Formal Dance. She even posted a Craigslist ad looking for a “disgustingly gorgeous male model” with dance swag and a bunch of other requirements to show that she was happy without her ex.

Apparently her ideal candidate was three-time Dancing With the Stars champion Derek, because when Ryan Seacrest suggested the guy (Ryan is dating Derek's sister, Julianne Hough) Christina "lit up like a sparkler."

Derek called Ryan's show to accept the date. Apparently his Friday nights are just wide open. “I start the next season [of DWTS] next week, so I need to have a little bit of fun, and experience something a little different,” Derek told Ryan and Christina. “So why not? Game on! I’ll bring a buddy of mine, and we’ll have fun." (Will the buddy be Mark Ballas?)

E! News host Jason Kennedy is also going to the dance — and he’s bringing the E! News crew to cover the event and share the video next week. So this sorority/frat party is the new military ball and Christina will have at least two male dates.

Jeez. If it’s this easy to get a date with Derek we should all start posting Craigslist ads!

Source: Ryan Seacrest

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