Credit: Craid Sjodin/ABC Photo: Nancy Grace and Dance Pro Tristan Macmanus

The '80s aren’t remembered for their class and elegance, so if celeb contestant Nancy Grace had popped out (again) on Dancing With the Stars Season 13’s ‘80s Week, it probably could’ve been considered part of her Rumba routine.

"My [costume] wasn't working," Nancy told E! of her rehearsal run-through on Season 13, Week 5, suggesting that she almost lost the top portion of her outfit. "[The wardrobe stylists] added lace reinforcements at the top. I'm the only one that comes out in a turtleneck. But I'm OK with it."

Those twins really want to get out and dance. It doesn’t help that Nancy keeps stuffing “lucky charms” into her bra each week. Maybe she should just keep them in her hair from now on.

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Source: E!