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How's this for a kick in the pants: A new study about how TV marketers can discern your personality based on the television programs you watch has claimed that people who view Dancing with the Stars are 21 percent more likely to be traditional than non-viewers.

"Traditionalists are the opposite of the experiential Gleeks, and instead prefer stability and the tried and true," says the report. But wait, there's more: "Dancing fans also tend to be compliant. The get-alongs, as Mindset refers to them, are 16% more likely to watch the show. These personalities tend to defer to others in an effort to get along and are quick to smooth ruffled feathers in an argument. They don't like aggressive behavior and are usually quick to forgive and forget."

Does that describe you, dear viewer? Or do you think this study is just a bunch of hot air?

Source: The Atlantic


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